Edwin Starr Early Classics Серия: Early Classics инфо 3245v.

Содержание 1 Stop Her On Sight (Sos) 2 Agent Double-O Soul 3 Headline News 4 My Weakness Is You 5 If My Heart Could Tell The Story 6 Way Over There 7 You Beat Me To The Punch 8бчэыв Oh How Happy 9 Love Is My Destination 10 Time Is Passin' By 11 Mighty Good Lovin' 12 I Am The Man For You Baby 13 I'm Glad You Belong To Me 14 I Am Your Man 15 Backyard Lovin' Man 16 Twenty-Five Miles 17 She Should Have Been Home вжотж 18 We'll Find A Way Исполнитель Эдвин Старр Edwin Starr.

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