Martha Reeves and The Vanellas Early Classics Серия: Early Classics инфо 3249v.

Dancing In The Street; Third Finger, Left Hand; Jimmy Mack Содержание 1 Dancing In The Street 2 Third Finger, Left hand 3 Jimmy Mack 4 I'll Have To Left Him Go 5 There He Is (At My Door) бчэън 6 Hitch Hike 7 Moments (To Remember) 8 (Love Is Like A) Heatwave 9 Hello Stranger 10 In My Lonely Room 11 Wait Till My Boddy Gets Home 12 The Jerk 13 Dance Party 14 Motoring 15 Dancing Slow 16 Wild One 17 Nowhere To Run вжосш 18 Never Leave You Baby's Side Исполнители Марта Ривз Martha Reeves "Martha & The Vandellas".