Big Country: Wonderland Серия: EV Classics инфо 11506y.

От издателя When Big Country took to the stage at the Grugahalle in Essen in March 1986 they were at the peak of their commercial success on the back of their No1 UK album Steeltown and the release of their бшывжfollow up The Seer (Which would go to No2) a few months in the future Founded by the late Stuart Adamson on his departure from The Skids, Big Country would go on to have a lengthy career extending well into the nineties but they can have delivered few finer performanвздащces than this legendary Rockpalast appearance Track List: 01 Wonderland 02 Fields Of Fire 03 Where The Rose Is Sown 04 Rain Dance 05 Remembrance Day 06 Just A Shadow 07 Steeltown 08 Look Away 09 Chance 10 The Teacher 11 In A Big Country 12 Inwards 13 Harvest Home 14 The Storm 15 Lost Patrol 16 Tracks Of My Tears Актер "Big Country" (Исполнитель).

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